" What technique do you use ?"

" A cutting technique dating from the 20s inspired by Antoine Cierplikowski master of Alexandre de Paris
handed to the taste of the day in the 60s by Vidal Sassoon and that I learned when I was 18 years old with my master Alaa Azmi.
This technique evolves at every moment as our look changes according to what we live and those that inspires us
We work the material as an artisan with heart and hand in our profession is essential
But that is not enough, it is necessary to have a right eye because it is the measure that does the excellence. "

" What is your teaching style?"

"Our teaching has been personalized for 28 years, this is the raison d'être of the existence of the academy,
The former student of the individual for excellence."

"How do you teach?"

"I teach without filter to bring the essential and to highlight the creativity of each one."

"Are you a school of learning?"

" No, we are an academy of excellence, we prepare our students at the workstation in a hairdressing salon, from foundation to excellence."

"Do you move to hairdressing salons and schools? "

" Yes on request."

" "What do you think about training in hairdressing?"

"Currently, many people think that they are trained, but this is not the case, Apprenticeship training are too short,
conclusion there is unemployment, while there is work all Economists say..."

"Are you on social networks?"

"I'm not on social networks, nor in hairdressing festivals, to the appearance I prefer the authenticity, it's a question of generation
I was lucky to learn my craft with enthusiasts who have given me a Know-how that I pass on my turn since the age of 19 years,
We are craftmen and the success of our students around the world is our reward.
We never stop learning and what we learn counts less than the one that teaches you, it's an incredible pleasure this job,
  Then I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for. "

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