To master a job you have to practice it with love, the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the student is done through a long work and an assiduous commitment, passion is the essential driving force. The teacher is there to show the way and guide the student. His role is to make live the style, to transmit it by adding his experience in phase with his time.
More than 38 years of experience in highest level education.Tony Mayer forms his students since 1979.
He signs collections since 1986 with a same vision, The French Elegance.


For over 29 years, our education program focused on excellence.Customized training and personalized instruction
designed for optimum results in ideal environment.
 Known for its excellence and international orientation,The academy trains talented young designers
and counts among its alumni, several international art directors and designers.
Artists such as Jessy Lee Johnston who's a stylist in Cinema Studios,Fanny Dautemer at Mazella Palmer,
Yoann Bourquin from Mod's Hair in Los Angeles,
Jean Baptiste Mazella of Mazella-Palmer, David Scarna Director of Training Staff Vidal-Sassoon started off with classes at the academy.
The fact that they have integrated prestigious companies as well as foreign countries in Europe, Mid Orient , USA and Asia.
Our students are our pride and our best ambassadors in the world..